Bookkeeping & Quickbooks Services

If you're unsure what you need, where to start, or even if anything needs a look at at all, I'm happy to help!

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Bookkeeping Services

At Dollars and Sense Bookkeeping, I can help you navigate your financial statements. If your company needs help with accounts payable, accounts receivable and reconciliation processes, give me a call. When you hire a certified bookkeeper, we can work with your CPA to make the whole accounting process flow better for running your business and for tax time, too.

Accounts Payable

  • Utilizing the Pay Bills function in QuickBooks to manage cash flow
  • Entry of vendor bills
  • Bill payments
  • Monthly reconciliation against vendor statements
  • Contact with vendors, as necessary, to resolve any discrepancies

Accounts Receivable

  • Design custom sales receipts, invoices, sales orders, packing slips, and other forms and templates for your business
  • Make sure items are used correctly on sales receipts, invoices, and other forms
  • Proper procedure for receiving customer payments and depositing those payments
  • Utilizing  the customer statement function in QuickBooks to increase cash flow

Account Reconciliations

  • Bank accounts reconciled
  • Company credit cards reconciled to the statement
  • Record any necessary adjustments to correct entry errors

Quickbooks Services

Installation and Setup

Starting out with a solid foundation in QuickBooks is essential to your success!

Dollars and Sense Bookkeeping can install QuickBooks for you, and will properly establish your Chart of Accounts for ease of use and accurate financial reporting.


  • Assess what are the immediate "need to know" items for your business
  • Can accommodate one to several trainees
  • Use your information so training is specific to your business and needs
  • Provide different levels of training depending on your current knowledge and comfort level with QuickBooks


Are you wondering why your financial reports look incorrect? Are you having difficulty with some areas of QuickBooks?

I will review your QuickBooks financial records and make any necessary adjustments for you.

Not Quite Sure?

Are you unsure if QuickBooks is set up properly? Are you wondering if your Chart of Accounts is correct for your type of business?

Send me a quick message and the first thing we'll do is figure out what's right for you.





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