QuickBooks Installation and Setup Services

Laying a solid foundation in QuickBooks is essential to your success. Dollars and Sense Bookkeeping can install QuickBooks for you and will properly establish your Chart of Accounts for ease of use and accurate financial reporting.



Are you wondering why your financial reports look incorrect? Are you having difficulty with some area of QuickBooks


Give Dollars and Sense Bookkeeping a call. We will review your QuickBooks financial records and make any necessary adjustments for you.



Are you not sure if QuickBooks is set up properly? Are you wondering if your Chart of Accounts is correct for your type of business?


Dollars and Sense Bookkeeping can help answer all of your questions and will work to correct all of your financial records.


QuickBooks Consulting Fees

QuickBooks Software Installation and Setup:

Two Hour Consultation – $150

Four Hour Consultation – $275


QuickBooks Training:

Two Hours – $150

Four Hours – $275


QuickBooks Troubleshooting:

Two Hours Consultation – $175

Four Hours Consultation – $325


QuickBooks Review:

Two Hours Consultation – $175

Four Hours Consultation – $325


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